South Tyneside Business Forum

Sector Groups


The Business Forum runs a number of sector groups, specifically focussed on the benefits available to that sector. These are paid-for membership groups providing networking opportunities, information and discussion on areas of specific interest such as supply chain opportunities, representational needs

Construction group

This group aims to increase local trading within the sector and encourage local tendering and supply chains. Its bi-monthly meetings are always well attended and include presentations regarding all major private and Council contracts, BT South Tyneside and South Tyneside Homes procurement opportunities as well as networking with other local companies.

On-going membership is available to attend every meeting, however guests are welcome to attend individual meetings at a cost of £20/company.

For further information contact Chair of the Construction Group, Gary Craig on

Download the Construction Group Application Form.

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Captains of Industry

This is an exclusive group for selected partners and senior executives from the most influential local companies. Membership is by invitation only with invitees coming together twice a year, in a private dining setting, to discuss key issues and gain a further understanding of what is happening across the borough. A high profile, special guest speaker is always in attendance.

Retail Group

This group caters for the needs of those businesses in the borough in hospitality, retail trade or tourism-related business. The aim of the is similar to other sector groups around information, networking and representation, however there is also a real focus on how to coordinate and collaborate within the industry, not only to increase business, but to strive for Customer Service Excellence for South Tyneside.