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About the Forum

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The South Tyneside Business Forum was launched in 2007, with support from North East Chamber of Commerce and South Tyneside Council, to provide businesses in South Tyneside a means of coming together to create business vibrancy and prosperity across the borough.

The Business Forum achieves this by encouraging local business people to connect with each other whether to collaborate on business projects; learn from one another; participate in consultations; or simply to network and promote their goods and services at a Forum organised event. By engaging with the South Tyneside business community in this way, the Business Forum ensures all its activities are directed at satisfying local business needs.

The Business Forum is an independent body made up of members of the South Tyneside business community, supported and co-ordinated by a steering group of local businesspeople who volunteer their time free of charge.

Most of our work is delivered through working groups which focus on events, business communication, business engagement, and partnerships. This work is funded via contributions from local business and the local authority without whose support the substantial benefits the Business Forum provides South Tyneside would be lost.

FREE Membership

Membership of South Tyneside Business Forum is FREE to every business in South Tyneside from multi-nationals and SMEs to sole traders, business consultants and independent retailers. If you are not already a member, register now through the contact page.

Mission and Aims

The Business Forum’s mission is: “To help make South Tyneside a better place to live, work and do business”
Our aims are:
• Promote South Tyneside as a place to do business
• Promote South Tyneside businesses and their successes
• Achieve a significant increase in local inter-trading and local supply chain activity
• Encourage public sector local procurement
• Encourage collaboration in the business community
• Have a significant influence (voice)
• Support the drive for more jobs, better skills and a stronger enterprise culture


Experience – Businesses gain from the expertise and experience of others and create lasting contacts and relationships through participation in our knowledge exchange activities.

More Business – Businesses have opportunities to grow through local collaboration and trading and by connecting 1-2-1 through innovative inter-trading and networking events.

Shape the future – Businesses have a united voice to help shape the future thanks to the Forum’s work to provide private sector influence on local policy and strategy development.

Sector Focus – Business benefit from access to in industry specific groups focussed on bringing benefits, such as supply chain opportunities to construction and manufacturing.

In Figures

• £15,000 raised for local charities
• £210,000 of local trading at events (average £32,000 per inter-trading event)
• 14 new contacts gained, on average, by each person at each inter-trading event